The T-shaped design of our new Cygnet range would look stylish in any garden. This is available in six standard lengths and two porch depths. This range comes complete with guttering and two front returned stagings as standard. The smallest size in the range is the 3490mm (11'5) x 2035mm (6'8) model and the porch is 2035mm (6'8) x 730mm (2'5).

  • Cygnet


Width Length Options No. of Vents
2035mm (6'8) 3516mm (11'6) 4
4810mm (15'9)
6070mm (19'11) 6
Other Lengths are available 

The Cygnet range is also available with the following extended porch dimensions

2035mm (6'8) 1360mm (4'5) 2
1990mm (6'6)

Other Dimensions

A: Width
2035mm (6'8)

B: Length
Various (see table above)

C: Eaves Height
1730mm (5'8)

D: Ridge Height
2370mm (7'9)

E: Door Opening
551mm (1'10)

F: Door Height
1940mm (6'4)

G: Porch Width
2035mm (6'8)

H: Porch Length
742mm (2'5)


  • The Cygnet Front Returned Stagings
    The Cygnet Front Returned Stagings
  • Cygnet on a dwarf wall in Thermowood
    Cygnet on a dwarf wall in Thermowood


Accessories & Finishes

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