The Falcon is our 3990mm (13'1) wide double door model is available in a multiple of lengths. This spacious greenhouse offers a multitude of opportunities where plants can be stationed not only down the side of the greenhouse but also in the centre.  The double doors allow access for wheelbarrows or carrying large trays.

  • Falcon


Width Length Options No. of Vents
3990mm (13'1) 3840mm (12'7) 4
5760mm (18'10) 6
7680mm (25'2) 8
9600mm (31'6) 10
11520mm (37'9) 12

Other Dimensions

A: Width
3990mm (13'1)

B: Length
Various (see table above)

C: Eaves Height
1730mm (5'8)

D: Ridge Height
2910mm (9'6)

E: Double Door Width
1200mm (3'11)

F: Door Height
1980mm (6'6)


  • The Falcon (13'1) Internal View
    The Falcon (13'1) Internal View

Accessories & Finishes

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