The Finch is our 1380mm (4'6) wide model with a single door. This compact model is available in a multiple of lengths. This lean-to should ideally be on a south-facing wall and is a delightful addition to any garden.

  • Finch


Width Length Options No. of Vents
1380mm (4'6) 1920mm (6'4) 1
2550mm (8'4) 2
3180mm (10'5)

3840mm (12'7)

Other Dimensions

A: Width
1380mm (4'6)

B: Length
Various (see table above)

C: Eaves Height
1730mm (5'8)

D: Ridge Height
2576mm (8'6)

E: Door Width
570mm (1'10)

F: Door Height
1980mm (6'6)


Accessories & Finishes

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