The Heron is our 2640mm (8'8) wide model, with double doors which can be positioned either in the centre position or up to the wall. This model is available in a multiple of lengths. The lean-to should ideally be on a south-facing wall and although it can be used for a multitude of uses, traditionally it was used for vines. This is a new product and as such we have no photographs at present. However, it is very similar in appearance to the Dove Lean-To (6'8) above but with double doors.

  • Heron


Width Length Options No. of Vents
2640mm (8'8) 1920mm (6'4)
2550mm (8'4)
3180mm (10'5)
3840mm (12'7)
4470mm (14'8)
5100mm (16'9)
5730mm (18'10)
6360mm (20'10)

Other Dimensions

A: Width
2640mm (8'8)

B: Length
Various (see table above)

C: Eaves Height
1730mm (5'8)

D: Ridge Height
3317mm (10'10)

E: Double Door Width
1200mm (3'11)

F: Door Height
1980mm (6'6)


  • Heron


  • The redwood pine glazing bars are 58mm x 32mm finished size
  • All boards are 12mm finish tongued and grooved and fixed with stainless steel nails
  • All the timber is green tint tanalised pressure treated
  • The inward opening door has a mortise lock and aluminium handles
  • Glazing is toughened safety glass
  • All the glazing is slid into a groove and sealed with quality silicone
  • All the cut shapes are jointed with a clear plastic H section
  • Each roof vent has an Automatic opener
  • Full length staging down one side with centre support (width 520mm, height 745mm)
  • There is a specially turned apex finial for that classic look
  • The ridge and top vents are sealed with a specially machined timber capping
  • A 20mm black PVC section is screwed to the bottom, called the damp barrier

Accessories & Finishes

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