New for 2012, our fantastic potting sheds – available in two gable widths, the Jay (6’8) and Rook (8’9). Our innovative design enables growing room to be maximised while allowing for all important storage space. Two rear shelves are supplied as standard in addition to staging at the front of the shed. To aid ventilation there is an opening end window with manual stay and there are two opening automatic vents in the roof. There is also a fitted floor with plastic runners, designed to help prevent damp and extend the life of the building.

  • Jay


Width Length Options No. of Vents
2035mm (6'8) 2550mm (8'4) 2
3180mm (10'5)

Other Dimensions

A: Width
2035mm (6'8)

B: Length
Various (see table above)

C: Window Eaves Height
1730mm (5'8)

D: Shed Eaves
2110mm (6'11)

E: Ridge Height
2235mm (7'4)

F: Door Width
810mm (2'6)

G: Door Height
1980mm (6'6)


  • Automatic Autovents
    Automatic Autovents
  • Opening End Window
    Opening End Window
  • Two Rear Shelves
    Two Rear Shelves

Accessories & Finishes

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