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Potting Shed Awarded Consumer Choice Award!

It was another successful Glee Exhibition for the Swallow (GB) team this year. The Jay Potting Shed was entered into the “Shop Window”, a new competition devised by Glee which replaces the New Products Award. Our potting shed was nominated through to the final judging day where it was awarded the “Consumer Choice” award.

The Jay (6’8) and Rook (8’9) potting sheds are set to revolutionise current potting shed styles. Our innovative design enables growing room to be maximised, while allowing for all important storage space. Two rear shelves are supplied as standard in addition to staging at the front of the shed. To aid ventilation there is an opening end window with manual stay and there are two opening automatic vents in the roof. The roof is covered with vinyl for durability. There is also a fitted floor with plastic runners, designed to prevent damp and extend the life of the building.